Whirlwind LM2B Unbalanced to Balanced Level Matcher

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If you need to convert your UNBALANCED consumer grade audio device to a BALANCED XLR output then the Whirlwind LM2B level matcher is perfect for the job! 

The LM2B will take the output from your unbalanced semi-pro equipment and "up convert" your IHF signal by 14dB and providing a balanced XLR output.  


Unbalanced Inputs

2x RCA (White/Red) - Gold Plated
3.5mm TRS 

Balanced Outputs

2x Balanced XLR - Gold Plated


Frequency response  ± .17 dBV 20-20kHz at unity gain
  ± .19 dBV 20-20kHz -10 to +4 dBV
Total harmonic distortion +noise  < .0018% 20-20kHz at unity gain
  < .0023% 20-20kHz -10 to +4 levels
Phase shift < 16.7 degrees 20-20kHz
  < 3 degrees 100-4kHz
Dynamic range 117.9 dB at .1% thd, unity gain
  96 dBV at –10 to +4 gain
Total gain 40 dBV
Range of level control -40 to + 40 dBV
Maximum input level +18 dBV
Input impedance 10K Ohms unbalanced
Maximum output level +23 dBV
Output impedance 100 Ohms balanced
Noise at 14 dBV of gain -92.4 dBV 20-20kHz
Noise at unity gain -100.3 dBV 20-20kHz
Power consumption 41 mA DC max. Typical
  92 mA DC max.
Stereo separation 70 dB at 20kHz, 14 dBV of gain
  95 dB at 1Hz, 14 dBV of gain
  123 dB at 20Hz, 14 dBV of gain