About Whirlwind UK

Thanks for visiting our online store dedicated to Whirlwind pro-audio & broadcast equipment.

 www.whirlwinduk.com is owned and controlled by Selectron (UK) Ltd, the official distributor for Whirlwind products within the UK. This website and online store is not owned by or associated with Whirlwind USA (www.whirlwindusa.com). We can offer you premium quality Whirlwind pro-audio and broadcast products, hand made in the USA but also offer a European wide delivery and customer service. Through Selectron (UK) Ltd, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • A service tailored to UK & European customers.
  • Our electrical items that require mains power will have a 230V rating suitable for the UK & Europe.
  • No confusion over the final price you pay. Buying from a USA dealer will add large shipping and duty costs. With Whirlwind UK the price you see at the checkout is the price you pay.