Why buy Whirlwind?

Celebrating 40 amazing years of USA made dependability.


Whirlwind USA are world leaders in the manufacture of audio interfacing equipment for both pro-auio and broadcast applications, an industry they helped create. Now, 40 years on, Whirlwind offer the most extensive custom service capabilities on the planet, Whirlwind are innovators, technicians and artists. The brand is synonymous with roadworthy, dependable and American made.

DIs and Boxes Department

Every  product from our IMP department is hand made with the finest quality components and is built to withstand the rigors of everyday professional use.

Whirlwind invented the first commercially available DI box in 1979. Since then, the line has been expanded to included splitters, combiners, testers and various other specialty interface devices. 


US Audio Department

The U.S. Audio brand name of electronics is known by audio professionals the world over for its production of high quality, specialty electronic devices.

To guarantee our standard of quality and to ensure timely delivery, Whirlwind produces its surface mount circuit boards with our own in house facility. It's just another reason Whirlwind's quality and craftsmanship is second to none.


Medusa Snake Department

Perfection by design. Over built since 1975.

The famous Whirlwind Medusa has been on the road with bands and sound companies for over 30 years. Take a look and see how we make the most durable snake you can buy.


Still hand-made in Rochester NY, USA  
spool-130x110.gif We start with CM rated cable designed to our own specifications, available from 6 to 58 channels. shrink-130x110.gif Next, after removing the outer jacket, industrial strength shrink tubing is applied over each channel and color coded in groups of 8 channels. Then an extra layer of shrink is applied to each tip for extra strength where it will be exiting the inline connector.
Every  Whirlwind Medusa, from the MINI-6 to our giant Concert Systems are built with the same attention to detail that you see here.
medfan-130x110.gif All fanouts feature genuine Whirlwind connectors. Mic channels are numbered and return connectors are lettered by engraving the metal barrel with large, easy to read graphics. Note clear tubing over each group of eight channels and larger tubing over entire fan. These can be slid down over each group and over the fan when disconnected to prevent tangling during storage and transport. Another extra detail found in all Whirlwind snakes. medbox2-130x110.gif One of the best ways to judge a snake's quality is to look inside at what isn't usually seen. If it looks this good inside, you know there will be quality built in throughout. Wire ties are found at all critical stress points and the heavy gauge steel box features a true Kellems strain relief and grip.